Visual content is taking over the internet.

According to a recent report by Google, images now account for nearly 80% of all content on the web.

More and more businesses are tapping into this visual craze, creating more visual content than ever before.

Content marketing is exploding with images, videos, infographics, and animated GIFs. These visual elements make your content stand out from the rest of the pack and give your audience something they can relate to much more easily.

Visual content is not just great for improving brand recognition, but it can also help drive traffic to your website or blog and increase your search engine visibility.

The demand for visual content is increasing rapidly as more and more people share visual posts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram—and that’s good news for businesses ready to take advantage of this trend.

Here’s why every business needs more visual content in their marketing strategy:

Using visual design in you marketing is no longer an afterthought as the benefits for your business are immense. With pretty much everybody glued to a screen and little attention span to read words there is no better time to inject more visual into your business’s marketing strategy.

As one of the best ways to attract and delight customers, increasing your visual design in your marketing has become a ‘must-have’ for the modern business.