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We design marketing material that tell stories and spark action


Our premium graphic design service’s mission is to spark your prospect’s curiosity, move them to action and deliver your marketing messages in the most creative way possible.  We want our designs to attract customers to your business and impact your prospects on a human level. We design marketing material that complements your business growth and strengthens your marketing messages.

Does Your Business Need A New Website?

Are you looking for marketing material that does more than just look good?

Is your current marketing material communicating correctly? 

Do you want to pivot your marketing to a new or additional audience?

Does your marketing design still reflect your brand positively?

Does your marketing material look old or dated?

If you answered “YES’ to any of the above questions, it might be time for a new website.

What We Can Help You With

Logo Design




Digital Design


Social Media

Flyer Design

Our Approach

We offer a simple approach to a sometimes intimidating practice. We partners with our clients in every project so they are involved every step of the way. We have a streamlined process that works for us and keeps each project accountable and on time. This 6 step process that includes:

  1. The Discover Phase
  2. The Planning Phase
  3. The Design Phase
  4. The Feedback Phase
  5. The Approval Phase
  6. The Delivery Phase
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Creating Meaningful Experiences

Creating Meaningful Experiences

Effective design is more than just creativity. It’s a combination of using colour and layout to tell a visual story your customers will remember. It should create a curiosity that will make the prospect want to learn more about your offer.

Meet The
Communication Objectives

We work to understand the purpose of the design and the communication goals to create something that does its job. In our minds, a great design transcends creativity to tell your brand story and spread your marketing message.

Communications Objective
Deliver On Promise

Deliver On Our Promise

Before we hand the design over or send it out to the world, we put it through an intensive quality check to ensure it stands up to the highest quality. It should align with your business goals and hit the right emotional chord to inject action.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you charge for your graphic design services?
Prices depend on the project type and the variables behind the project. We work to charge competitively and work with your budget constraints. We encourage you to send us an inquiry about your design needs to
How will I receive my design project once it's complete?

Once the project has been approved, we will provide you with all the necessary electronic files you’ll need through Dropbox or email. We will also keep a copy of your project on file if you need later updates or misplace your copy.

What is the client's involvement in the design process?

From the discovery stage to the revision stage to the approval stage, we want your input and involvement to get the project to what you envisioned.

What is graphic design?

Graphic Design is a process that combines text, graphics and colour in a purposeful way to communicate a specific message.

What can a graphic designer do that I can't do?

A graphic designer does more than ‘make things look pretty.’ A designer’s job is to communicate a message visually and do this by using a combination of design principles. Over numerous hours of study, designers understand how a design can deliver a specific marketing message and evoke a feeling in the viewer. Leveraging principles such as typography, colour, space, balance, form and lines to create a design.

Why do I need a graphic designer?

By bringing an in-depth knowledge of graphic design and how it fits into an overall marketing strategy, a designer can help build awareness for your brand credibly and professionally.

Our Clients

We are proud to partner with some of the most respected corporate clients in the York Region. Our love is to help small businesses and new brands get in the game in a big way. 

“SoulCor completed a fantastic top-to-bottom external-facing platform for our firm (logo design, website, etc.)! We are very pleased with the end product, as well as the enthusiastic and innovative approach taken to showcase our company. The products speak for themselves and have brought immediate value to our operation. We regularly recommend SoulCor to our colleagues and clients.”

Daniel Senior

Managing Partner, Think Green Law

“SoulCor is creative, easy to work with and has an excellent eye for design! They have done an amazing job for our entire group of companies. SoulCor is one of the most important companies in the C&B Group because it ties all of our service brands together. All group members are confident in recommending SoulCor to any and all of our clients. We’re proud of the online presence and brand feel that SoulCor has developed for our group of companies! SoulCor really is a great fit for any small business entrepreneur looking to create, or refresh, their digital marketing presence and enhance their brand. “

Rob Chaggares

Partner, C&B CPA

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