Liahona Mortgage Investment Corp. (LMIC) funds a diversified portfolio of mortgages, providing an investment vehicle for accredited investors and financing for brokers throughout Ontario.


  • LMIC


  • Mortgage Investment Corp. 


  • Web design
  • UI / UX
  • Website Build
  • Video Editing
  • Coywriting


  • 11 Pages
  • Icon Design
  • Content Writing
  • WordPress Build
  • Graphic Design


  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Animation & Editing

Creative Process

The primary objective was to build a new responsive website that brings the Liahona Mortgage Investment Corp online.

Secondarily, Liahona wanted a place online where they could market to three different customer segments and have the design mimic this goal.


By identifying the new website’s purpose, we were able to plan a site that was both fashionable & functional.

Design & Development

We created page formatting with an emphasis on easy skimming for anyone. The easy-to-scroll pages help newcomers looking to learn more about their LMIC.


We built the website hierarchy into a simple, elegant design that’s logically organized and previewed their offerings.


Finally, we partnered with the client to create content for the new site, including copywriting, video animation and necessary illustrations and photos.

Product Features

The Liahona Mortgage Investment Corp.’s new website is a simple site that provides the information for their audience.  An effortless browsing experience, this responsive WordPress website performs smoothly on any device and is an enjoyable browsing experience. 

User-Centric Development

Responsive Design

Creative Ideas

LMIC home office
LMIC ipad main

User Experience

A comfortable design that emphasizes ease of use and putting the user first.

Responsive Design

This new website design efficiently responds to various devices by starting with a mobile-first attitude. 

Modern Web Design

The site was built with the latest design trends while being aware of solid web design principles.

Holding iPad
LMIC Mobile Home
LMIC Home Page Tablet
LMIC Desktop Mockup
LMIC Laptop Investors Page
LMIC main laptop mockup

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