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Our mission is to cultivate a stronger relationship with your business and its target market through design, content creation, and brand storytelling.

We help companies like yours sell their ideas, products and services through the art of observations, purposeful design and the science of storytelling that creates meaningful action.

A creative agency striving to do the best work for our clients and help influence their customers into taking the desired action.

We’re driven by creative ideas that take brands beyond where they’ve been before.

When you partner with SoulCor, we promise to work with you to bring the best out of your brand.

We believe today’s successful businesses require a modern mix of design, marketing communication and video.

Our Fearless Leader

Randy is SoulCor’s Creative Director, providing strategic leadership across SoulCor to develop the highest standards in full-service digital marketing delivery.

Randy prides himself on creative adaptability as a strategic communicator with over ten years of experience in graphic and web design, content marketing, SEO, social media and video animation.

He enjoys the challenge of using his creative, flexible mindset to help come up with innovative marketing solutions that improve their business’s bottom line.

With a passion for writing, Randy is a journalism and communications studies graduate. In the mid-2000s, he discovered graphic design and instantly fell in love with the discipline. As the 2000s turned into the 2010s, he moved into web design and video animation but never lost the writing bug.

He understood that all these disciplines work together to help businesses communicate their brand and tell their story.

The challenge he looks forward to is figuring out how people psychologically respond to colours and what words emotionally inspire people into action, and how to tie it all together.

Randy Syer

Randy Syer

Creative Director

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Randy Syer